Evangeline Lilly And Samuel L. Jackson May Have Revealed Details About ‘Captain Marvel’

Avengers 4, which comes out in roughly 10 months, already has a lot of responsibility on its shoulders in the eyes of fans. With half of the good guys turned to dust, we are scrambling to figure out who can help them in the next film, if that’s possible. Luckily, from now until its May 2019 release, we have two films to hopefully put some puzzle pieces together.


Our best hope, besides the remaining Avengers, is Ant-Man and the Wasp (whose film comes out in just a few days) and Captain Marvel (whose film debuts next March). We know a little bit about Ant-Man’s capabilities, but the sequel will still serve as a debut for Hope van Dyne as the Wasp, as well as the relatively unexplored Quantum Realm.




Some comicbook fans may be privy to the power of Captain Marvel, but in the film universe, she is an unknown variable, as of yet. There’s still a little while to go before her film comes out, so right now the fans are in clue mode, while the cast and crew of Captain Marvel (and Avengers 4) are in teaser mode. Besides a few vague set photos and casting news, the plot of Captain Marvel is anybody’s guess. We do know it is an origin story that takes place in the ’90s, but that’s it!


Evangeline Lilly spoke with Entertainment Tonight about the behind-the-scenes aspect of filming, and even though she didn’t reveal too many plot points, her candid conversation may or may not have exposed her part in the very unknown future of the MCU. We know for sure that both Brie Larson and Lilly have filmed scenes for Avengers 4, but we don’t know the context or circumstances yet.




Just knowing the other actors Lilly came into contact with on the set can give a clue about Avengers 4, and that’s just what she revealed to ET:

“You know what I was working, when I was working on Avengers I got to know Brie Larson pretty well, or as much as you can on a film, and her and I talked about it. And of course she’s going to be the next titled female superhero, she’s going to be Captain Marvel, and I’m sure this will be the beginning of many, many more titled Marvel films. Black Widow. Scarlet Witch. I mean I don’t know who’s next or who’s going to get a film, but it’s not, it’s just the beginning.”


This isn’t exactly a plot point, but it does hint that Captain Marvel and the Wasp may share scenes in Avengers 4, which gives us some hope! In a previous Interview, Lilly said that her role is not a large one in Avengers 4, but there’s no assuming what will happen until the release!




This interview from Lilly comes as the second unintentional clue in regards to Captain Marvel. Another clue came from Nick Fury himself, Samuel L. Jackson.


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