Dwayne Johnson Announces ‘Rampage’ Release Dates And Challenges The Avengers To ‘Rumble’

Johnson took to his Instagram to remind his fans of the earlier release date for Rampage. The original premiere was set for April 20th and moved to April 13th.




Johnson’s Instagram read, “These movie release dates are always a chess game, and in the end I want EVERYONE playing to win,” wrote Johnson in his Instagram post. “And now that we’ve moved to April 13th, it pretty much guarantees that I’ll be home for the birth of my baby daughter – so thank you Mr. Stark. We all win. And if you Avengers ever wanna have a lil’ fun and Rumble… you know where to find me. APRIL 13th – THE RAMPAGE BEGINS WORLDWIDE.”

While the release change may be due to the earlier premiere date of Marvel’s massive MCU crossover, Avengers: Infinity War, The Rock said otherwise, jokingly inviting The Avengers to rumble. Rampage and Infinity War’s arrival will give the Summer blockbuster season of 2018 a massive boost right at the start.


George, Lizzie, and Ralph will be making their destructive live-action film debut in the Rampage movie, now coming to theaters on April 13th.

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