Dwayne Johnson Announces ‘Rampage’ Release Dates And Challenges The Avengers To ‘Rumble’

Rampage will not only be a celebration of the classic video game franchise but perhaps the giant monster movies from back in the day. It appears that with this film, as well as the oncoming city-destroying battles in Pacific Rim: Uprising, the next couple of months will have moviegoing audiences on the edges of their seats. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be the primary protagonist in Rampage and has had some experience with video game movies and the dreaded curse that often comes with them.




The actor played in 2005’s Doom and understood the pitfalls that came about with the film adaptation of this storied video game franchise. He was quick to mention in an interview with TotalFilm that through his experience, Johnson has avoided the standard errors that arise during production of a movie such as this.




“I lived the video game curse because I made Doom,” said Johnson. “And Doom was a movie based off a very popular video game and was incredibly unsuccessful. So I lived the curse, and I experienced it. … Also making sure that there was a winking charm and humor in Rampage that, for me personally, was not in Doom,” he continued.




Johnson also expanded upon the film itself, saying that it will be something for everyone, including fans of the game and it’s three main monsters.


“[Fans of the game] get all the things that you remember about it and you can smile about,” he said. “But then there’s all this room to do things and build a story and build characters and do what I wanted. That allows us to exceed expectations and have a lot of fun and just deliver in a way that a good movie needs to deliver,” Johnson said.

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