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#DPtheSB: Deadpool’s Live-Tweets Throughout Superbowl LII Were As Good As You’d Expect!

Although the AdBlitz for Superbowl LII included a bevy of both entertaining and heartfelt commercials, it felt as though something was missing. Leave it to the Deadpool Movie’s official Twitter account to scratch the itch, commenting on every remarkable thing that happened during Sunday’s big game.

The night began with @deadpoolmovie explaining the need for the subsequent tweets, asking followers “Remember that time I was wrist-deep in cocoa butter and Fox called to say they were too cheap to buy a spot in the big game then told me I had to live-tweet it? Cause I do…” The message was in response to Fox’s decision not to put the Deadpool 2 trailer among the other film-related commercials during Superbowl Sunday.

The tweets commenced with comments on Pink’s performance of the national anthem before the start of the game as well as an advertisement for limited edition Deadpool-themed coins to flip before kickoff.

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