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Donald Glover’s ‘Deadpool Animated Series’ Cancelled But Not Before Some Leaks

The world of “If Only” has gotten a lot bigger with the cancellation of the Deadpool Animated Series promised by Donald Glover and FX. The multifaceted artist and creator that is Glover was teaming up with an animation studio called Titmouse to work on some of the original stuff for the show, although the animation gig went to another studio called Floyd County.




Considering how popular the first Deadpool film was with Ryan Reynolds, and the hyped upcoming sequel this month, it’s hard to see why FX wanted to steer away from working with Glover whom, Reynolds called a “genius” in an interview with the NY Times saying, ” I would’ve loved to have seen what he did with that.”




The animation style boasts some hard gritty edges which definitely suits the Merc with a Mouth while capitalizing on a lot of the over the top gore, action, and adult language that you would expect from anything Deadpool related.




What likely happened is that Donald Glover’s take on writing for the show was a little too dark for FX’s liking among other creative difference, although there was some other speculation as to why they didn’t bite.


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