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Donald Glover Talks Ron Howard, Lando Calrissian, And The Millennium Falcon!

Usually, when a new director steps in to take over a film after the original director leaves, many scenes need to be re-shot to fit the new vision. According to Glover, this wasn’t the case after Howard took over for Phil Lord and Chris Miller. When asked how much he re-shot, he said,


“Not a ton actually. Not a lot at all, at least not for me. I think we’ve all never been faced with anything like that and I think he did a good job of coming and telling us he didn’t want to change what we were doing at all. He wanted us to remain confident in our vision. He just wanted to sculpt it in a way.”


If the shots of Glover as Lando are any indication, he’s going to do a great job with the iconic character. A talent like Glover doesn’t come around very often, but even as talented as he may be, he isn’t above asking for advice. He also revealed what the original Lando, Billy Dee Williams, told him, explaining, “He just told me to be charming. I was like, ‘that’s the best advice ever.’”


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