Domino Unlocks New Potential Within Her Luck Ability Ahead Of X-Force Film

Domino is back, yet again, in an exciting new comicbook issue that shows effectively that the hunter may easily become the hunted at any moment. The mutant with an incredible luck-based ability for keeping the tides tipped in her favor found out that sometimes things change too, so she’s learning how to keep her cool with or without her powers.




Domino #6 catches up with Neena Thurman in Hong Kong alongside the martial arts master Shang-Chi who has decided to take Domino under his wing and teach her his ways, and hopefully, help restore her abilities to their full potential.




It’s during this period of time that Shang-Chi reveals a very interesting point that only he would have noticed by training with Domino. He believes strongly that Domino’s abilities can be harnessed and used with intent with the proper training and focus. This, if the theory holds any water, would take the randomization out of it and allow Domino to use her powers whenever and however she needed in the future.




Domino doesn’t get too much time to ponder the idea because something bad is about to happen.


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