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Doing Whatever a Spider Can: 13 Alternate Versions of Spider-Man

Spider-UK (Earth-833)


Spider-UK comes to us courtesy of 2014’s “Spider-Verse” event. In his universe (Earth-833), Billy Braddock is both the Spider-Man and Captain Britain analogue, and as such he possesses a combination of those heroes’ powers including¬†superhuman strength, stamina, durability, agility, reflexes, equilibrium, senses, a regenerative healing factor, and of course, the ability to crawl walls.


The Spider-Man Wiki notes that Braddock is the “only version of Spider-Man that doesn’t seem to have a Spider-Sense of a kind.” Interesting note: Until it was decided that Braddock would be a member of the Captain Britain Corps, Spider-UK’s design played heavily with an English punk rock motif, which eventually was used for Spider-Punk (from Earth-138).


Spider-Cat (Earth-999)


Spider-Cat was once a regular house cat who developed powers after being bitten by a bedbug infected with the Spider-Virus. His greatest adventure actually happened in his dreams, where he took on a flock of Venom pigeons (as seen in issue 1 of Spider-Island: I Love New York City).


Mangaverse Spider-Man (Earth-2301)


Trained in the ways of the ninja by his uncle Ben, Earth-2301’s Peter Parker is a member of the Spider Clan, whose members are enemies of the Shadow Clan. After the murder of Ben Parker by that universe’s Venom, Peter was, for a while, the last member of the clan and tasked himself with the mission to avenge his sensei.


Eventually, he took Mary Jane Watson on as his apprentice and she assumed the mantle of Spider-Woman before the two settled down and retired. He was drawn back into action during the “Spider-Verse” event, becoming a member of the Spider-Army led by Spider-UK.