Doctor Strange Creates A New Magical Tool To Save Earth From Certain Destruction

Stephen Strange is back at it again in his own comicbook series that focuses on the Sorcerer Supreme after he’s lost his connection to Earth and the mystic arts. That’s right, he’s no longer the man that he used to be, which is why he’s now considering some pretty bold new tactics to attempt to bring his magical abilities back. This includes taking the plunge into deep space and the unknown!




Along the way, Strange has found some allies and mentors to help him rebuild what he’s lost and also help him learn new skills, not the least of which crafting and enchanting powerful artifacts by hand. This has been a frustrating and difficult endeavor for Strange, which only became more challenging when his friend Kanna got captured by some pretty bad beings with their sights on the Earth.




In the meanwhile, Strange has been working as hard as his mind, body, and spirit will allow, but in many ways, the doctor is still a novice. Right around this time is when he hears a familiar voice, which lends a little bit more purpose in his quest to achieve.




It is most certainly Kanna, his friend, but where is she?


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