Disney’s Super Powered Family Returns For ‘Incredibles 2’ Movie Trailer

It’s been about 14 years, but it’s finally happening! The Parr family will be making their official return to the big screen when Incredibles 2 hits theaters on June 15th of this year. You can count that the not so typical family will be put through the ringer yet again as their family dynamic develops in a world that doesn’t really accept those that have super abilities.




Bobb Parr/Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl/Helen Parr, Violet, Dash, and the wild card Jack Jack will all be back in full effect this time around picking up where the first movie left off!




The focus from the official trailer appears to be on Elastigirl taking a job opportunity that may change the way that people look at “supers” on a global scale. This means that Mr. Incredible has to take on a new role as a stay at home dad, which is sure to present its own set of hilarious scenarios as he is clearly in over his head with a budding teenaged daughter, a mischevious adolescent speedster son, and an infant with evolving powers well out of his control.




This storyline is going to allow Elastigirl to drive the narrative in a way that puts her in the front seat as a leader and role model much more so than in the last film. When she accepts a job at a telecommunications company called DevTech that seems to have serious interests in changing the perspective of the world at large when it comes to “supers” and how they function in society, only time will tell if her efforts will be worth the risk. We’ve learned more about the plot this week as a second trailer was released.


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