Disney’s California Adventure Puts Up Stark Industry’s Logo As Marvel Land Begins Construction

This week, Disney’s California Adventure said a bittersweet goodbye to a staple of the park, “A Bug’s Land.” The kid-friendly area has been an integral part of the pathway between the two areas of Hollywood and Carsland for over a decade, but now it is time for a forward movement to begin! This week, guests paid their final tributes to the giant clovers, Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train, and all the rest of the small attractions that made up the area that were based on the first Disney Pixar on its last operational day.




Although it may be sad to say goodbye to “A Bug’s Land”, the Imagineers at Disneyland are very quick to show guests that when one magical door closes, another one opens, or will open after everything behind it is constructed.


As fans may know, the closure of “A Bug’s Land” is intended to make way for the construction of a Marvel-themed experience at DCA that will be spearheaded by the rethemed Tower of Terror attraction (now called “Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout!”). This news was announced earlier this year as part of a worldwide effort at Disney parks to bring the iconic characters from the MCU to life in a massive unprecedented way.




The new Marvel land will take over the area where “A Bug’s Land” once resided plus some more areas that are currently part of backstage. The tentative release date as of now is 2020. Needless to say, this is a big undertaking and it’s high time the show got on the road.


That’s why very next morning after “A Bug’s Land’s” closure, guests quickly noticed that new white walls were put up as a border around the area. Normally the walls have some type of Disneyland themed message like “Pardon our pixie dust…” but this time, considering a Marvel land will be going up, the walls were labeled a bit differently.




In preparation for the new Marvel land coming to DCA, Stark Industries has taken over the area! It is still unknown exactly what attractions will be coming to the park or what the new area will roughly look like. In fact, a name for the area is still to be revealed, as well. Judging by the theme of the walls, however, a Tony Stark-led area could be possible. After all, the Stark Expo (featured in Iron Man 2) has always been the hub for new and exciting technology to be showcased.


Only time will tell exactly what will be going up behind the Stark Industry walls, but one thing is for sure: Marvel land (until an official name is announced) is officially under construction!


You can see the full photo gallery of the Stark Industries walls in DCA HERE.

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