Disney Parks Around The World Will Be Getting Marvel Rides And Attractions

One of the most exciting components for Marvel fans is when they can experience the action and fantasy of some of their favorite stories in real life, thanks to the Marvel Partnership with Disney. Over the last few years, Disney parks in the United States have started to bring Marvel Characters to life in an amazing way, and the future is only getting more “super.”


It has been announced that multiple Disney parks around the world will receive new additions to make the parks more “super,” starting this year. This news came from the D23 convention in Japan that is currently being held in Tokyo.



Over in the U.S., it was first announced a few weeks ago that Walt Disney World would be bringing the Guardians of the Galaxy characters to the park to meet guests, as well as a show-type experience that is to feature Star-Lord and Gamora joined by, “an alien band, taking guests on a journey through the cosmos.” There had also been a previous announcement of a Guardians ride, down the line, but no details were mentioned, until this week.


Walt Disney World will take on the massive feat of creating a Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster,  the first of it’s kind. Disney Parks Blog says the ride boasts to be “one of the longest enclosed roller coasters in the world” that will feature a “new, innovative ride system.” It’s expected to be open at Future World in Epcot by 2021. Concept art can be seen below.




Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Hong Kong are also getting Marvel makeovers that are sure to blow away the international Disney/Marvel fans.


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