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Director Peyton Reed Discusses Cameos, Or Lack Thereof, In ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’

Every time Marvel Studios releases a new film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one of the first things fans wonder is, “What character is going to make a cameo?” There’s a good reason for the curiosity, though. As far back as the MCU’s second film, The Incredible Hulk, Tony Stark made an appearance in the post-credit scene with General Ross. Maybe you would consider Nick Fury’s post-credit scene in Iron Man as a cameo, but we consider that more of an introduction as it was his first appearance. Regardless, it happens more often than it doesn’t in these movies.




The openness of the universe is one of the reasons these films are so special. The intertwined storylines make an event like Avengers: Infinity War possible, and on a smaller scale, make the comedic scenes featuring Captain America in a film like Spider-Man: Homecoming work so well. As separate as each franchise is, with their own style, rhythm, and quirks, they’re still all together as one. With Ant-Man and the Wasp opening in theaters this week, fans are wondering who, if anyone, will show up in the film, and with the film taking place prior to the events of Infinity War, anything is possible.




During a talk with CinemaBlend, director Peyton Reed talked about keeping cameos out of his film:

“I always envisioned this as a standalone movie. Obviously, when you see the movie you’ll see how it ties into the larger universe, but I like that Hope and Scott and Hank are operating in this little corner of the universe. And then you sort of… you know how it ties into the larger thing, you know the timeline, but they’re doing their own thing over there.”




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