Writer Explains How The Dark Dimension Strengthened Doctor Strange’s Abilities

Doctor Stephen Strange has easily become a household name after his first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in his own movie. It showed the birth of a new man after a tragic accident left the surgeon unable to perform his duties and help save lives. Led to follow the Ancient One in the ways of sorcery, Strange found a new life for himself, and deeper understanding of all existence along with it.




Strange was a quick study when it came to sorcery and began to implement it in hopes of bettering his own circumstances. But as most things in life, the unexpected carried him away on a much more important mission that ended up saving the world from chaos and destruction at the hands of very dark forces.




In the midst of it all, you did get a chance to witness a very novice sorcerer kind of figuring things out along the way which was really interesting to see. He didn’t always get things right, but the general arc of the character’s abilities improved from start to finish with the film.




Now with Doctor Strange appearing in Avengers: Infinity War it’s clear that he’s going to play a very crucial role in the movie. Not only is he the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, but he also holds the Time Stone within the Eye of Agamotto which cannot fall into the hands of Thanos if they want to truly protect life as they know it. Although it isn’t certain exactly how much time has passed you can bet that Stephen Strange has been honing his skills in the mystic arts along the way.


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