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Marvel Studio’s President Confirms An Alternate Spider-Man’s Existence In The MCU

The United States is just days away from the highly-anticipated release of Spider-Man: Homecoming and much of the talk has been about Tom Holland’s portrayal of the web-slinger and his alter ego, Peter Parker.


But should we have been focusing on an alternate Spider-Man the whole time?

Marvel announced earlier this year that the comic juggernaut’s other Spider-Man, Miles Morales, would be finally getting his own shot at the silver screen in a standalone animated film from Sony Pictures.


However, that didn’t satisfy longtime fans who were hoping Morales would make an appearance in a live-action Spidey flick.

It turns out that all of the clamorings for Morales weren’t exactly unwarranted.


It seems like Miles Morales is out there in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’re just not sure where.

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