Deleted Scene From ‘Infinity War’ Dives Deeper Into Thanos & Gamora’s Relationship

When creating a film as grandiose in scale as that of Avengers: Infinity War, with storylines and characters that reach across the galaxy, there’s going to be plenty of footage that ends up on the cutting room floor. We’re finding out just how much was planned and then cut from the film now that the film has been released on digital platforms. Infinity War, like most films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, uses a lot of CGI, so many of the deleted scenes aren’t complete. Luckily for us, our imaginations are good enough to not allow that to bother us, and we’re able to fill in the blanks post-production would have, had these scenes been used.




One of the deleted scenes from the film dives deeper into the relationship between the Mad Titan Thanos and his adopted/kidnapped daughter Gamora. Their relationship is one of the threads that ties the story together because she’s the only character to know where the Soul Stone was, her backstory is intertwined with his as she was taken from her home planet by him as a child, and she and her sister are the only characters we’ve come to know in the MCU that have intimate knowledge of his capabilities. Yes, Loki has had dealings with Thanos in the past but not to the scale of his “daughters.”




The scene is an extended look at Thanos and Gamora’s interaction in the throne room of his ship prior to him taking her to the torture room where he’s keeping Nebula. In the scene, Thanos uses the Reality Stone to show Gamora her past as one of his assassins and to remind her that she wasn’t always his adversary. Again, the footage wasn’t completed in post-production so it’s not perfect, but it does give us more insight as to how much Thanos truly cares about her. Check it out below…



Avengers: Infinity War is now available digitally and will be in retailers across the country on August 14th. Make sure to pick up your copy!


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