Deadpool Takes A Note From Thanos’ Book And Demands Silence From Fans

It’s almost time for Deadpool 2 to hit theaters, and just because the stakes may not be as high as Infinity War, doesn’t mean it’s not still serious business. With the press tour beginning, we are seeing the final hilarious efforts that the cast and studio are making to promote the film; the latest being a skit featuring David Beckham and a Mariachi band.



Between the Celine Dion music video and the trailer without digital effects on Cable, it has been a work of unprecedented creativity for the Merc with a Mouth & Co. As the film begins making its rounds at press screenings, premieres, and theaters around the world, Ryan Reynolds has taken it upon himself to discourage spoilers from audiences.


However, instead of simply tweeting about it, he used it as an opportunity to make fun of his frenemies in the MCU once more. Maybe he’s salty about not being included in Infinity War. Maybe he’s making fun of Josh Brolin for double-dipping into the Marvel pool. Either way, Reynolds created a message to fans around the world, just like Thanos’ message about Infinity War some weeks ago, to not give away any spoilers. Besides the ones he may or may not have mentioned in the statement himself.



He added some dog and cat paws, plus a toddler’s hand, just so babies, cats, and dogs know that they shouldn’t spoil the movie either. And up top where the Russo Brothers had used a Marvel Studios letterhead, Reynolds crossed it out and said “TBD” instead, in a referral to the upcoming Disney merger.


So how did the Russo Brothers take Reynolds’ imitation? Well, let’s just say they didn’t exactly take it as a form of flattery.



Luckily, Reynolds knows how to be a good sport, since he’s usually the one dishing out the insults. He responded to the Russo Brothers’ Tweet saying, “I deserve that.”


The delivery of his message may have been full of jokes, but the meaning was serious! That means you too, Hugh Jackman! Okay, he didn’t spoil anything, but the actor did praise the film, much to his own dismay, in the tweet below.



Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18, so don’t miss it. And don’t spoil it either! But seriously, go watch it.


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