Deadpool Reinvents His Own Origin Story And Uses Two Famous DC Characters To Do It

One of the many origin stories that seem oddly familiar happens to be a direct rip-off from Wade’s good pal Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man. We see a hilarious parody of what it would have been like if Wade Wilson were in Peter’s shoes back in school¬†getting bit by a radioactive spider, which would obviously result in a healing factor and katanas. Right?




The next two are even more outrageous and ridiculous as Wade decides to take multiple pages from the origin stories of two very popular DC comicbook super-heroes… Superman and Batman!




Not exactly the Man of Steel, but the origin story implant makes for some laughs at the very least. Nothing says “Welcome to Smallville” like a deformed alien child being raised by crazy killers in an RV and becoming the greatest mercenary the world has ever seen!




Deadpool decides to bite into the DC Universe just once more by putting himself right into the streets of Gotham for the famous alleyway scene where Bruce Wayne lost his parents right in front of his very eyes. Of course, the situation itself is nothing to laugh at, but there is definitely some comedic value implanted thanks to the Merc.


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