Deadpool Reinvents His Own Origin Story And Uses Two Famous DC Characters To Do It

If you know anything about Deadpool, then you know that he doesn’t operate by the same rules as the rest of the Marvel Universe. He’s known to do what he pleases with little regard for what happens or how anyone else feels about it. This is certainly one of the many qualities that makes him an attractive anti-hero to follow along with on his incredibly insane, violent, and comedic adventures.




In Deadpool #1, a new comicbook run from writer Skottie Young and artist Nic Klein, we get a familiar but refreshing look at the Merc with a Mouth doing what he does best: mouthing off, killing people, and making a fool of himself.




What really makes this issue interesting, beyond Wade’s witty burns between he and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, is how he chooses to break down the fourth wall more and more and reinvent his own origin story.




Nope, this is not a joke and is literally only something that Deadpool himself could pull off while being consciously aware of what’s happening. You’ve been warned, it’s about to get weird!


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