‘Deadpool’ Movie Twitter Account Asks Fans For Help On Who It Should Follow

The Deadpool movie’s social media accounts, as well as posts from actor Ryan Reynolds, have been full of off-the-wall antics and snicker-inducing naughty wordplay. One such example comes from the actor’s Instagram page, where he celebrated the birthday of Deadpool 2 co-star Josh Brolin who will be playing Cable in the upcoming film.




The post from Reynolds is another take on a Norman Rockwell piece, taking influence from his 1960 Triple Self-Portrait and poking fun at Brolin’s past role as Brand from The Goonies. The caption below the image reads “Happy Birthday, Bright Eye. You don’t taste a day over 40.”


Happy Birthday, Bright Eye. You don’t taste a day over 40.

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Naturally, Reynolds post was a hit with fans. However, the most recent Twitter post from the Deadpool movie’s account has had those same members of the red-jumpsuited hero’s fandom vying for his attention.

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