Deadpool Gets Married Inside Of The Bermuda Triangle In Weird New Comicbook

The “Merc With a Mouth,” also known as Deadpool, is open for business, and business is pretty good as of late. Wade Wilson has just been able to prove how awesome he is at killing after he saved the Earth from a huge puking Celestial that was literally vomiting all over NY. If it wasn’t for a weapon that only he had in his possession and the fact that it was all an elaborate ploy to help build his mercenary brand, he wouldn’t be getting as many high paying job offers as he is today.




So now, Wade is out to make top dollar on some marks that can help take his bank account to the next level. This particular job that his handler, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, booked is looking pretty ripe but also a little more dangerous than some of his other gigs. It involves chasing his mark to a place where all lost things go.




Negasonic borrows the Blackbird jet from the X-Mansion and transports Deadpool alongside Hydra Bob who is supplying the information and tech to the infamous Bermuda Triangle!




Wade mentally prepares himself as much as he can for the weirdness to come before taking the plunge into the raging storm below, obviously without a parachute.


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