Deadpool Gets A Comicbook That’s WAY Too Gross For The Movies

When it comes to any Deadpool-related piece of content, you can count on there being a healthy dose of violence, crude humor, and some sort of grossness factored in. But in this new comicbook entitled Deadpool #3 from the minds of writer Skottie Young and artist Nic Klein, it definitely takes the cake.




Wade Wilson is back at it again, and this time is trying his hand at the hero thing alongside the Avengers who need his help taking on a really, really nasty threat.




See, there’s this weapon that Wade ended up having in his possession that has the ability to put a stop to a very destructive Celestial by the name of Groffon the Regurger. Just guess what his ability is, I dare you.




The Celestial has proven himself to be too much even for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, leaving them squeamish in the wake of his putrid mess. Hopefully, Deadpool, the planet’s wild card, can do something about this.


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