Deadpool Becomes A 007 Style Secret Agent In An Outrageous New Comicbook

There’s no telling what will happen next in the life of Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool. This guy has a knack for getting himself into some pretty sticky situations, and this new comicbook run from writer Christopher Hastings is no exception to the rule. Welcome to Secret Agent Deadpool.




Yes, that’s Deadpool in a tuxedo riding on sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads. He’s a secret agent after all, and you can thank artist David Nakayama for the Austin Powers-inspired vision for the cover of this insanely awesome story.




If you’re just catching on to what’s happening here, Deadpool is impersonating a super spy whom he technically helped kill in a really dramatic explosion. Now that the Risk Management Agency thinks that Deadpool is the agent Jace Burns, Deadpool is just kind of riding the wave as long as he can until he can find a way to get out smoothly later. This has been making for some pretty hilarious and painfully stereotypical 007 kinds of scenarios, like this skull-shaped island for instance . . .




Cue one evil general about to do something mean to this damsel in distress, and then enters Deadpool . . . I mean Jace Burns, to save the day!


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