Deadpool Admits To Killing The Dark Knight’s Parents In New Comicbook Series

Superhero origin stories are really important. They give the audience a glimpse into what made them take the plunge into becoming a protector in the first place, whether it was a radioactive spider bite, a crash landing from outer space, or a chance encounter in a dark alleyway.




When it comes to Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman from the DC Universe, it was definitely the death of his parents that was the trigger that pushed him to the edge. Most people would find that quite sad, but not Wade Wilson, who we know as Deadpool.




Deadpool is famous for breaking the fourth wall and being aware of situations, people, or places that actually don’t exist in the Marvel Universe. This includes occasional jabs at Batman and other DC heroes which makes for great laughs while flipping the pages of the comicbooks or watching Ryan Reynolds portray Wade Wilson on the big screen.




In Deadpool #1, the newest comicbook run from writer Skottie Young and artist Nic Klein, we get a look at Wade rewriting his own origin story, which strangely crosses over into the Gotham City streets.


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