‘Deadpool 2’: Sequel Will Give Colossus A Much Bigger Role

The newest entry in Fox’s Deadpool franchise will feature a ton of new mutants, adding them to the mix with several veteran characters like Colossus, who will be far more of an essential player in the upcoming film. The first film helped to revitalize the X-Men cinematic universe and had fans clamoring for more mutants to be introduced into the action.




New characters include Josh Brolin’s Cable as well as Domino played by Zazie Beetz. Not only that but the latest trailer for Deadpool 2 teases the appearance of the Six Pack as well as characters like Shatterstar, who Colossus actor Stefan Kapičić revealed to MovieWeb in an interview earlier this month. The mutant team might signify the start of a film project involving the story of X-Force.




Although newer characters are being introduced, the film will be paying closer attention to Kapičić’s Colossus, expanding the role of the superhero as well as his interactions with the film’s protagonist, Deadpool.

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