David Harbour Looks Tough As Hellboy In New Movie Poster For The Upcoming Revamp

Hellboy is gearing up for an awesome new movie revamp in 2019, and with it comes some change. A new yet familiar face will be playing the red warrior on screen, and his name is David Harbour. Rather than Ron Perlman, who played Hellboy in the first two films back in 2004 and 2008, we are going to get a fresh look at the character with Harbour swinging around the Right Hand of Doom!




Harbour is a very talented actor, whom you probably remember from Stranger Things as Jim Hopper, the town’s local enforcer of the law. Hopper was a pretty rough and gruff character who doesn’t enjoy being pushed around, which is very similar to Hellboy as far as temperament goes. They both have an affinity for guns and tend not to shy away from a good fight when the cause is right. This transition into the realm of superhero/comicbook movies may go smoothly for Harbour as we get closer to the April release date next year, although it’s apparent that it’s going to be a lot of work for him.




The most notable difference between Harbour before and after Hellboy is definitely his physical transformation to look the part. He’s been working extremely hard to have the right physique for the film, and over time he has gotten ripped.




David Harbour, who has really had no training background whatsoever before this movie enlisted the help of a pro by the name of Don Saladino to help make sure that he really looked like Hellboy when it came time to shoot.

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