David Harbour Agrees To Officiate Wedding As Hellboy If His Social Media Demands Are Met

Harbour was recently approached on Twitter by Spencer Perry who had met him on the set of the movie last year. Perry publically called out Harbour to ask if he would officiate a wedding for him and his soon to be wife next March (the month before the film’s release) in full Hellboy gear if they can hit a retweet goal of Harbour’s choosing.




What’s awesome is that Harbour actually responded in the coolest way possible, for the character at least, and agreed if his demand for 666k RTs is met.




So now technically, it looks like the number is going to be 166k now that Mike Mignola has agreed to the terms. So hopefully Hellboy can tap into his artistic and poetic side to deliver the right words to Mignola and things are good to go! With no timetable on this all, chances are they’ll hit their goal before March, and if anything else it’ll make for great promotion for the upcoming film.



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