David Harbour Agrees To Officiate Wedding As Hellboy If His Social Media Demands Are Met

David Harbour, most notably known as Hopper from Netflix’s hit TV show Stranger Things. He plays the chainsmoking lawman who is consistently putting himself in harm’s way to help others, which is certainly one of his more endearing qualities. We are excited to see him return in the next season of the show, but in the meanwhile, we do have some other exciting news around the actor. He soon will be putting on red to play everyone’s favorite hellish hero as Hellboy rises again, almost 10 years after the last film.




Harbour has been getting a huge fan seal of approval after photos of the actor in his full Hellboy get up have surfaced to give us a preview of what’s to come. This has definitely been getting everyone excited for Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, which comes out in April of next year promising a darker look at the hero.




Between his grueling workouts to own the body he needs for the part and filming, Harbour really has his work cut out for him, but that hasn’t stopped the actor from entertaining other ideas as Hellboy.




Yes, it’s exactly what it looks like. We might get a chance to see Hellboy officiate a wedding in the not too distant future and here’s how.


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