‘Dark Phoenix’ Set Photos Show Jean Grey Battling Jessica Chastain’s Villain, Smith

Re-shoots for the newest X-Men film, Dark Phoenix, are well underway and now there are set photos to prove it! With the initial release date pushed back four months, the creators of the film are utilizing their time as best they can, continuing this week.


The film, which stars Sophie Turner, had been relatively under wraps, with only a few first-look photos to be seen, until the crew started posting behind the scenes snippets of the re-shoots. It’s not exactly plot points, but it’s something.




Director and producer Simon Kinberg is relishing in his moments to take the reins of the latest film. Kinberg has been involved with the film franchise for over a decade, but this movie marks his X-Men directorial debut. As re-shoots have started up in Montreal, Canada, Kinberg is giving fans something to be excited about as he brought back the main cast to continue work on the long-awaited film.


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This week, we got a little progress update, not from the creators, but from some camera-ready fans out in Canada. Now we can confirm that Sophie Turner is back in action, as the set photos show her in an intense fight with Jessica Chastain.


We know that Chastain has been cast as the mutant villain named Smith, but everything else is still only conjecture for now. The scene that the two characters are involved in seems to be a fight, complete with neck grabbing! The pictures from the set show that she is a formidable opponent against the class 5 mutant abilities of Jean Grey, as they are up close and personal in the snapshots from the set.



The pair are both dressed in grey CGI costumes, as their real outfits will probably be added in during post-production. Not in CGI however, is Ty Sheridan’s (Cyclops) stunt double, who can also be seen in the background of the photos. What scene involves all three of these characters? We will have to wait for February to know for sure.



Taking a page from the Avengers handbook, Dark Phoenix is choosing to film very close to the release date, as well as delaying any marketing material (such as trailers or real photos, etc.) until the last second. While this strategy may create a more hectic schedule for the production team, it sure does build fan excitement in a huge way!


X-Men: Dark Phoenix comes to theaters on February 14, 2019.


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