Daredevil Strips Away The Signature Red For A Black Costume In Season 3

Matt Murdock survived the final events of The Defenders which saw him buried alive underneath a crumbling building. The same structure served as The Hand’s headquarters, so with it, many suspect that the criminal organization perished with Daredevil in his last heroic act.




We know, however, that Matt is a survivor as we saw him awaken beaten and bloodied in a mysterious bed with a nun at his bedside. They seemed to know who he was, and it’s apparent that their connection to Murdock will be elaborated on in the upcoming season of Marvel and Netflix’s television series.




With that all in mind, there’s still a fight to be had in Hell’s Kitchen, and the Daredevil rises from the grave yet again, only this time he’s got a much darker look. In photos from the set as well as the artistic poster for Daredevil Season 3 we see Matt Murdock in all black, and he looks like he means business.




Elisabeth Vastola, the costume designer for this season of Daredevil as well as Jessica Jones season two explained:

“[In season 3] he’s living in this crypt and he’s living with nuns and priests so the material we’re using for him is the material we use for the vestments for the nuns and the priests. … I really like this idea that it feels ripped and torn and this very visceral and violent action to give him what he needs in order to go out into the world. And because he is, for lack of a better word, on the down low this season and way less flashy and way more in the shadows, we went completely to black, we went back to that because it makes the most sense.”


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