‘Daredevil’ Footage From NYCC Shows Bullseye In Action During Season 3

Although the film side of the MCU was virtually absent for New York Comic-Con, the Netflix side was not. The cast of Daredevil is only weeks away from their third season debut, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any last minute sneak peeks they could provide for the lucky fans at the comicbook convention. The cast of the series was in attendance for a panel and a signing, and they brought with them some new footage.


Returning for the third season of Netflix’s inaugural TV show, besides the titular character of Daredevil himself, are supporting allies Foggy and Karen Page, as well as a new member to the team, Maggie (Matt Murdock’s mother). Wilson Fisk, AKA Kingpin, will also be returning to Hell’s Kitchen in some way or another to attempt once again to destroy Daredevil, and it looks like he will have the help of another very famous supervillain pulled straight out of the comics.



Executive Producer Jeph Loeb confirmed at NYCC that indeed season three would show the origin story of Bullseye, saying, “This season we’re telling an origin story for one of the more iconic characters.” Wilson Bethel will be portraying FBI Agent Benjamin “Dex” Poindexter, a skilled fighter and marksman with a devious streak, and it seems that Wilson Fisk wants to utilize that. The panel at NYCC introduced Bethel as the new addition to the show and explained how the showrunners intend to add the famous Daredevil villain into this version of Hell’s Kitchen.




Showrunner Erik Oleson explained that we will see the journey that Poindexter makes from a normal person to “this iconic villain,” through the catalyst of Fisk. He continued to say that Fisk “pulls a psychological manipulation on him in a way that feels real and it could actually happen.”



As of right now, Fisk is a menace, but only from his prison cell. Although it is unclear if he will remain there the whole season, he definitely has a new and ever-nefarious agenda in play. Bethel insists, however, that the relationship between Fisk and Poindexter gets “very, very weird.”


Vincent D’Onofrio also commented on the tactics that Fisk is using to bend the fragile mental state of Poindexter to his will and set him loose on Daredevil, who D’Onofrio described as, “a little gnat that bothers him…”


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