‘Daredevil’ #600 Reveals New Variant Covers And Unexpected Future For Matt Murdock

Matt Murdock may be in over his head this time around in Daredevil #600, which just dropped this month. It plants readers back in NYC with a little someone named Wilson Fisk as the mayor of the city, which would include Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil’s stomping ground.




This has a lot of the heroes in an uproar as they are considered to be illegal outlaws and will be arrested on sight under the iron fist of Kingpin.




Variant cover artwork from Joe Quesada, seen above, sets the tone for the pages to come, showing some of the most memorable Daredevil costumes across the years.




It is virtually open season in the streets for Kingpin’s criminal syndicates. They are able to run amock without good guys to take them on openly, so Daredevil and a bunch of his buddies decide to take matters into their hands to end this once and for all. This wouldn’t be the first time that Daredevil has taken on Kingpin, but this time around, he’s got a squad of hard-hitting heroes who have his back.


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