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Matt Murdock Finally Saves NY, But At What Cost? Daredevil #601 Holds The Key!

The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen has always been willing to pay the steep price in order to keep the streets safe in his neighborhood. He’s never been one to turn a blind eye to those in need whether in his full-on hero get up or when he’s working his day job in a suit and tie. Daredevil #600 puts Murdock working very closely with Wilson Fisk, AKA King Pin, who’s now the mayor of NYC. Then things took a little turn towards the complicated.




Teaming up with the likes of Jessica Jones, Misty Knight, Echo, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, and Moon Knight, Daredevil staged a plot to overthrow the reign of Wilson Fisk over New York and to stop his criminal goons from having their way in a city where superheroes are outlaws.




Unfortunately for all parties involved in Daredevil’s plan, they all get arrested while trying to prevent The Owl, Hammerhead, Diamondback, and Black Cat from shooting each other and the cops there on a sting mission to catch the vigilantes in the middle of all the action. Fisk’s plan goes off without a hitch, but not before one final act.




Matt Murdock’s good heart gets the best of him yet again. Rather than taking the fight to Fisk, he attempts to reason, which plays him into another one of King Pin’s traps, this time with a pretty brutal beating attached.


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