Creator Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Explains Why He Loves ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

It would seem, at least from the outside looking in, that there’s always competition when it comes to comicbook franchises and companies, especially in the film world. While that may be true on some level, there’s also a camaraderie between the creators of these entities. The better that the work becomes, regardless of who makes it, the more opportunities present themselves across the board. Just because one franchise is successful doesn’t mean it takes away from the potential of another, and it’s likely more of the opposite. The more success that one company/franchise/studio has, the better it is for everyone as more people become fans of the genre.




Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead, has arguably the most successful television adaptation for any comicbook that’s been made to date. Its legion of fans follows each season with a ferocity comparable to any successful franchise in memory.


He’s also written for Marvel Comics in the past so there’s no real surprise that he’s come out and spoke positively about Avengers: Infinity War, but nevertheless, the reason he loves the film is why his statements are making headlines. As a longtime fan of the characters of Marvel, he was certainly tuned into the happenings of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but as a creator, he has a special outlook on it all.




During an interview with Kevin Smith on the SModcast, Kirkman explained why he loved Infinity War so much, saying:

“There’s no recap. There’s no explanation as to who anyone is. You sit down in the movie and they’re just like ‘guess what? You’ve earned this. We’re at like movie 21 now and here we ——- go!’ And you’re like ‘oh my god! Like this is so great!'”




To understand everything happening in Infinity War you certainly had to be familiar with the MCU’s last decade of films, and the approach also allowed the Russo Brothers, Christopher Markus, and Stephen McFeely to create their story in a way much different than others in the universe. Kirkland also touched on that point as well:

“I loved that Infinity War was not even a movie. They were just like here’s a series of events that are important to you because you know these characters. It’s gonna go from A to B to C to D. There’s not a 3-act structure.”






While some people use these points against the film, the fact remains that the core fans and anyone in the know loved the approach, and that’s likely the way they’ll approach Avengers 4. How it all plays out is still to be seen when it opens in theaters on May 3rd, 2019!


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