Cosplayer From Hong Kong Makes An Amazing Spider-Man Costume With Animated Eyes

The Spider-Man costume is one that has been worn by millions of fans for ages. As the costume has gotten more advanced with time, so have the costumes, as well as the passion for the guys (and girls!) under the mask.


These days, Spider-Man has gotten some insane updates with the help of Tony Stark. At least, for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man we’ve seen on the big screen. So, with the new advancements made to Parker’s iconic suit, it only makes sense that the costumes worn by die-hard fans are just as advanced – minus the actual Stark tech.




LensesFactoryHK, a prop-making cosplayer startup from Hong Kong, has really outdone themselves with their latest creation of the Spider-Man suit, complete with moving eye lenses. The cosplay to replicate Holland’s suit has been a work in progress since the suit made its big screen debut in Captain America: Civil War. In fact, this was the first time a movie featured moving eyes on the Spider-Man suit, a bittersweet addition for all the cosplayers who attempt to make their own suits.



The hands-free lenses are an exemplary achievement (executed through a button near the jaw, so hands are not necessary to activate it) and have been met with universal excitement and praise from all Spider-Man fans on social media. The eyes are just one of many incredibly detailed components to this amazing suit. LensesFactoryHK revealed in a newsletter that it took over a year to perfect the special material which fantastically replicates the material on the screen.



Although this particular suit is not for sale, it does serve as inspiration for Spider-Man fans and cosplayers around the world. And hopefully, the latest appearance of Spider-Man and these awesome retractable lenses in Infinity War won’t be the last!


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