Cosmic Ghost Rider Introduction In Marvel Comics’ ‘Thanos #13’

The Marvel Legacy initiative’s latest offering puts the spirit of vengeance on a space-traversing hell cycle, but one question still remains: Who is this new rider?


Spoiler Warning: Spoilers For Thanos #13 And The “Thanos Wins” Arc Incoming


Thanks to the creative team of writer Danny Cates and artist Geoff Shaw, the most recent issue of Thanos puts the Mad Titan into contact with a new Ghost Rider. Not long after Thanos makes the conquered Chiaturi skies rain with blood, a flaming motorcycle descends from them. The rider, carrying a brimstone whip, is said to possess the Power Cosmic often used by Galactus’ heralds. The narration becomes even more mysterious when it describes the rider as a former herald and “The Black Right Hand of the Final King.” The significance of that last line will be revealed in future issues.


The rider lands and has no intentions of fighting Thanos. However, due to poor communication, the two begin to battle it out. Readers learn throughout the fight that this version of Ghost Rider possesses a fragment of the Time Stone, which allowed him to travel back from his time. His bright red chains were forged from the bones of Cytorrak, a name familiar to Dr.Strange fans as he utters a binding spell known as the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak. The narration makes it clear that this rider is actually insane, and his identity might be well-known to many keen-eyed comicbook readers.


This Ghost Rider’s identity will surely be revealed in later issues of the “Thanos Wins” arc. Cates took to Twitter to share his joy with fans and continued to tease the storyline with the hashtag #WhoIsTheRider.

There have been some speculations that this future version of the rider could be Deadpool. The aforementioned “Final King” is Thanos himself, after conquering the Earth and ruling over its ruins.


However, both characters share a rival affection towards Lady Death, and Thanos cursed Deadpool so that he would never be able to die and rejoin his beloved in the afterlife. The black and red text bubbles might give some sort of clue. Has their rivalry subsided? This futuristic Ghost Rider has visited a young Mad Titan to share the story of evil’s conquest. There are sure to be many more twists and turns within this crazy cosmic narrative.


Thanos #13 is now on-sale.

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