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Concept Art For 9 New Versions Of Iron Man’s Suit And Tony Stark Welcomes Back Jocasta And Bethany Cabe

In a recent interview with CBR, Marvel writer Dan Slott discusses moving on to Iron Man and the latest conceptual artwork by his partner, Valerio Schiti. Tony Stark: Iron Man is getting ready to launch in June, and Schiti is preparing to feature hundreds of new armors, each designed for a specific purpose or mission type. Naturally, with such an iconic character, the artist felt as if he had a chance to play with the varying mechanics of his different armors.



“The designs and character work he’s doing is really beautiful—this is stunning work,” said Slott of his collaborator’s conceptual work. “The way he draws the characters and the tech—I can’t imagine anyone else doing this. He’s really bringing his A-Game. I can’t wait for people to see this all in action!”



“One of the things we’re doing in the book is that for the most part there is no one set Iron Man armor. If you’re Tony Stark you can build whatever you want,” he said, explaining Stark’s far more elaborate suit designs. “So why not have a different suit for the different problems you’re facing? Are we going to have a base suit? Yes, because he has to appear over in Avengers and have a consistent look. But when you’re in Tony Stark: Iron Man, though, Valerio is going to have complete freedom to go crazy with all kinds of new armors! We’re taking this toy chest — and we’ve decided it’s not big enough! We’re building extensions,” he continued.


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