‘Conan’ License Acquired By Marvel Comics Once Again

The man-slaying Cimmerian, Conan, will be returning to his former stomping ground after 15 years of absence. The beginning of 2019 will mark the starting point for an agreement between Marvel Entertainment and Conan Properties International to bring Robert E. Howard’s creation back into the hands of Marvel Comics.


The character first began his never-ceasing quest in 1932 as part of a sword-and-sorcery series of stories in Weird Tales. Once Marvel had acquired the license in 1970, Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith helped to create introductory effort with Conan The Barbarian.


The comicbook became immensely popular, spawning other titles such as the Savage Sword of Conan B&W Magazine as well as a comic strip in newspapers. Series such as King Conan/Conan the King, Conan the Adventurer and Conan the Savage also came to be after a while.


Since 2003, Dark Horse Comics had worked to keep the Conan stories alive for a decade and a half since its acquirement of the license. Their run began with a single issue for Conan #0: The Legend, then 50 following issues from 2004-2008 with Conan.

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