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Comparison Video Shows The Sizes Of Your Favorite Star Ships Across Different Universes

Science Fiction fans across the world have pitted a number of their favorite armies and heroes against each other in hypothetical battles for their respective universes. However, one might ask, “What is a hero/army without a proper vessel to navigate the stars and engage in such warfare?”


Hailing from Spain, MetalBallStudios has devoted their Youtube channel to comparisons such as this video, depicting the vastly different sizes of fan favorite Sci-Fi spaceships. This would help in settling any arguments if fans were to clash in battle-driven hypotheses. Using average human height for scale, the video begins with the small yet ever oppressive TIE Fighter from Star Wars, further spanning through many other well-known film, TV and video game licenses until you start to realize the continuing sheer gargantuan scale.


After three and a half minutes of marveling at the massive starships, there appears to be a clear winner and two runners-up, dwarfing the competition as the camera swiftly pulls back to reveal them.

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