Coming Together – Are Kanye West And Wade Wilson A Match Made In Heaven?

Two names that have been in the news quite a bit during the last month or so are those of Mr. Wade Wilson and Mr. Kanye West. Wade has been all over the place due to the fact that Deadpool 2 opened in theaters on May 18th, and the film has garnered rave reviews from both fans and critics alike. Kanye, on the other hand, was back in the news for more reasons than just music. While he has been releasing multiple projects as both an artist and producer, including Pusha T’s Daytona, Kids See Ghosts with Kid Cudi, and his own album entitled Ye, he’s also made headlines for some pretty controversial statements.




Both Kanye and Wade are no strangers to controversy, so it only feels right that they’re now making headlines together. This started when Kanye jumped on Twitter to let his stream of thought fly, which he tends to do occasionally, and started talking about Deadpool 2. He’s been pretty busy as of late, so maybe he just got around to seeing the film, but he did say he was a huge fan of both this film and it’s predecessor. Not only that, he also had some thoughts about the music selection…



While the Deadpool films may not take the same approach to the soundtrack that James Gunn does with Guardians of the Galaxy, there is plenty of thought behind it, and both films have been lauded for their musical choices. With as many hits as Kanye has, along with many different sounds, this could be a match made in heaven. If it’s up to Kanye, it’s definitely going to happen in future films…



But, it’s not just up to Kanye. There’s always a lot of red tape when it comes to films, soundtracks, and clearances, along with the choices of the team behind each production. Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool (for those who live under a rock), made sure to respond to Kanye as only Wade Wilson would… By making it a joke and breaking the fourth wall once again!



If DMX was the perfect choice for the big walk-up in Deadpool and Celine Dion was the perfect voice for Deadpool 2, could Kanye West be the perfect artist for the trilogy? Only time will tell!


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