Chris Hemsworth Shares A Photo And Video Of Him And Tessa Thompson From ‘Men In Black’ Set

When Avengers: Infinity War made its way into theaters in April, there were a few characters missing from the battle, and while Hawkeye and Ant-Man have been discussed ad naseam, Valkyrie’s absence was another that raised a lot of eyebrows. Tessa Thompson’s character proved herself to be quite the formidable warrior in Thor: Ragnarok. So much so that we all expected her to be a great ally to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the battle against Thanos. Thankully, it seems that she was able to escape Thanos and the Black Order as well as survive the Mad Titan’s snap, so, we should hopefully see her back in the future.




One thing we do know is that she’s going to be back by the side of Chris Hemsworth, even if he isn’t in the role of Thor. Thompson and Hemsworth are co-starring in the upcoming Men In Black spinoff together. The film is currently filming, so you know what that means? We get to see the duo “in black” on set. Hemsworth took to his Twitter page to share a picture of him and his costar on the set and in costume, and we must say, they’re looking good!



Not only did he share a still shot of them, but he also shared a candid moment on the set of the two clowning around. While Chris may have started his career as a bulky, handsome heartthrob, fans have come to know him more for his sense of humor than anything else. You can tell in the video that he and Thompson have built an excellent friendship in their time on the set of Ragnarok and now Men In Black. Maybe we’ll get to see Thompson show up in Avengers 4 as Valkyrie too… only time will tell!



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