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Chris Hemsworth Has A Cache Of Thor’s Hammers, And This Is Where He Keeps Them!

When the first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok was released and the public saw Hela not only stop Mjolnir after Thor threw it at her, but also destroy it, we were all left in disbelief.


Thor without his hammer? What is this world coming to? Yes, we all know that Thor’s power isn’t solely based on Mjolnir, but it was certainly different watching him go to battle without it.


Now that Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 are wrapped up, Chris Hemsworth is doing his media rounds for the DVD release of Ragnarok and his latest film to hit theaters, 12 Strong. While sitting down with Jimmy Kimmel, Chris discussed the end of an era and Mjolnir.


Like many actors before him, Hemsworth made sure to take some souvenirs home with him after filming the movies Thor was a part of. This led Jimmy Kimmel to ask just how many hammers he actually has at his house. We know Ryan Reynolds has a Deadpool costume on him at all times, but what about Chris and Mjolnir? He lets the cat out of the bag in the video below.

I guess when you have an evil sister who likes to destroy your possessions, it’s good to have extras… ya know, just in case!

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