Chris Evans Is Back To Beardless For Avengers 4 Re-shoots And He Posted A Photo To Prove It

It looks like the unspoken MCU tradition of main characters changing their looks from movie to movie is continuing for Avengers 4. We have seen this tradition most memorably in the hairstyles of Natasha Romanoff, AKA Black Widow. From her first appearance in Iron Man 2 to her latest stint in Avengers: Infinity War, there must be plenty of unseen hours of the assassin at the hairdresser’s, because she is never with the same hairstyle more than once.




The changing of certain superficial looks like costumes, hairstyles, and colors, and (for the men) facial hair, is a way to move the timeline forward, and it also gives us the chance to see our favorite characters from many different angles, so to speak.


For the most part, Chris Evans’ Captain America has had a pretty cohesive look throughout his MCU career (not counting his rapid muscle growth in the first Captain America film), as he’s only a few costume changes here and there. With that, the chiseled jawline, tight clothes, and clean-cut blonde haircut have become synonymous with the first Avenger. That is, until Infinity War. After his previous appearance in Civil War, Cap went into hiding, so when he appeared in Infinity War, he had a new face full of beard, much to fan excitement.




Fast forward to now, and Avengers 4 re-shoots are well underway. There has been fan confirmation, as well as some set photos to show that most of the Original Six are on set once more, and that includes Cap. One character not in attendance, however, is Cap’s beard.




Evans posted a picture on his Instagram last week from the set and it’s plain to see that he is back to the clean-shaven Steve Rogers that we’ve come to know and love, as much as bearded-Cap has also won his way into our hearts in this past film.


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