Charles Soule Talks ‘Daredevil’ #600 And Wilson Fisk’s Mayoral Reign

Ever since Charles Soule hopped on to write Daredevil in 2015, he and artist Ron Garney have carved a new age of comicbook noir for Matt Murdock’s vigilante nightlife. The decision to make Murdock a prosecutor as opposed to a defense attorney was an exciting change to the courtroom dynamic of the character and makes sense since Soule also practices law in New York as a Columbia University Law School alum.


Throughout the years since Daredevil’s inception, he has faced numerous foes of varying intimidation, but none have been a thorn in his side as much as Wilson Fisk, otherwise known as Kingpin. In an unfortunate turn, Fisk had acquired legitimacy in his control over Hell’s Kitchen, campaigning for mayor and winning the highest elected office, thus spawning the “Mayor Fisk” story arc.



Soule and his stable of artists have carried the plot forward, detailing the different efforts that Daredevil and Matt Murdock would expend to bring down Fisk in both secretive and legitimately lawful ways respectively. The new mayor would brand Daredevil an outlaw using his newfound immense influence. While these events were happening, a serial killer known as Muse escaped from prison in issue #597 and it was both Daredevil and his sidekick Blindspot’s job to find and deal with this new menace.


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With the approaching 600th issue for Daredevil set to hit comicbook store shelves in March, both Soule and Garney will bring the “Mayor Fisk” arc to its climactic conclusion in a milestone for Marvel Comics. Soule sat down in an interview with CBR.com and gave details of the upcoming issue and where the story can go from there.

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