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CGI Has Taken TV & Movies To Another Level – These Eight Scenes Prove That

The film industry has come a long way in the realm of special effects. Hollywood has thought of every trick to fool the eye to make moviegoers in the past believers. From miniatures to matte paintings and stop-motion animation, innovation such as these had to find a worthy successor.


Through leaps and bounds, the world of film has developed new and exciting ways of building realities in which one could become lost in breathtaking awe with the help of computers and new digital technology. For instance, a ferocious beast in the lap of a queen or a fiery explosion can become as real to the eye as a cityscape view from a window. Not only that, but the nuances of acting have had to shift to fit the mold of this new technological development.  Actors and actresses interacting with an invisible environment or creature during the production process are constantly praised for their imagination as well as their entertaining portrayals. Check out these 8 different scenes below, and see what it takes to create a computer-generated cinematic vision:

#1 Batman: The Dark Knight

Creating the look of Aaron Eckhart’s “Two-Face” wasn’t as simple as applying prosthetics and make-up like it was for Tommy Lee Jones, but the special effects used put an incredible spin on Harvey Dent!

#2 Game Of Thrones

Have we all had dreams and fantasies that have included dragons in some form or fashion? Probably, but the Game Of Thrones team has made fantasy an almost-reality with their work. All hail the queen!

#3 Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

How cool would it be to actually hop on a broom for a quidditch match? In our dreams, maybe, but at least these effects allow us to pop on Harry Potter and watch one!