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Celebrating 10 Moms From The Pages Of Marvel Comics On This Mother’s Day

Wanda Maximoff



Fans of the Avengers films are just coming to understand the relationship between Scarlet Witch and Vision, but in the comicbook, the couple has twins named Wiccan and Speed, who she conceived magically with her synthezoid husband.


Isabel Dare



Smasher has been part of the Imperial Guard, she’s been an Avenger, and she also has a kid with her partner Cannonball, who she’s moved to Shi’ar space raise the child.





Medusa is not only a queen, she’s also a mother to her teenage son Ahura. The young man has ever-changing powers, but Medusa does her best to raise the young man.


May Parker



Yes, May is Peter Parker’s aunt, but she has treated Spider-Man as her own and been the mother-figure to one of the most powerful and popular superheroes to ever grace the pages of Marvel Comics!


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