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Celebrating 10 Moms From The Pages Of Marvel Comics On This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is one of our favorite holidays here at TRSL.com. It gives everyone on the staff another opportunity to share our appreciation for the women in our lives that helped shape the people we’ve become. Not only are we using today to show love to the mothers in our lives, it’s also an opportunity to show some love to the mothers of Marvel Comics. While we may not be able to physically shower them with flowers and gifts, we can point out who they are and shed some light on their characters. Below we’ve provided a gallery of some of the most important mothers to grace the pages of Marvel Comics.





Not only is Frigga (or Freya or Freyja depending on where we see her) Thor’s mother, she’s also the mother of all of Asgard. Not only does she have to hold the throne, which she is more than capable of, she also has to keep the powerful Odin in line from time to time!


Sue Richards



The Invisible Woman is not only the wife of Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic and mother of their two children, Sue also plays mom to Marvel’s First Family. It’s not easy keeping the team in line, but she manages to handle it with grace!


Jessica Jones



When one first thinks about Jessica Jones playing the role of mother they pause. After her and Luke Cage had a child she proved she was more than capable of reeling in the bad habits and being a magnificent mother to their daughter Danielle.


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