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Celebrate These Marvelous March Holidays From The 9th To The 16th

We know it still feels like winter to some of you out there, so to take your mind off the weather, how about focusing on our next eight holidays instead? Sound like a plan? Good. Let’s get started.

March 9: Panic Day


Was the stove turned off this morning? Did you lock the door? Did you remember to take the dog out for a walk? WHERE ARE YOUR KEYS?!? They always seem to vanish two minutes before you need to leave, don’t they? We sincerely hope you’re not having one of those days, but if you are, you officially have our permission to press that big red button – right before you try to regain your cool and rationally assess and figure out the situation, of course.


March 10: Land Line Telephone Day


Yes, land lines are increasingly going the way of the dinosaurs, but don’t ridicule your parents for keeping theirs just yet. Approximately 45% of households still retain their home phone service, and for good reason: the connection is better, land lines aren’t potentially associated with any health concerns, and they can be invaluable during emergencies. On that last note, may we remind you that these phones still work during power outages AND 911 operators can trace a call made from a land line, as they are linked to an address, whereas they may not be able to track one from a cell. Hate to break it to the mobile-only homesteads, but that last point could actually save lives. #themoreyouknow

March 11: World Plumbing Day


What do Mario, Luigi, Gonzo, Michael Caine, and Ozzy Osborne all have in common? At one point or another, they were all plumbers – or at least they worked in that area. Perhaps you may not realize it, but the field is important to many people reading this; after all, life would undoubtedly be harder without flushing toilets and working faucets. As integral as plumbers are, some fixes can be easy to make if you take the time – and have the patience – to do a little learning. How about trying that today? (Or if you’d rather, pop in an old school Mario video game. Bonus points if it’s Mario Kart, the greatest game ever.)