Celebrate July 4th With These 10 Patriotic Comicbook Heroes!

Iron Patriot


The Iron Patriot was a rebrand of the Iron Man suit in an attempt to encapsulate the partnership between America and Iron Man. In the comics, the suit was actually worn for a time by Norman Osborn, as he created his own version of the Avengers, but it eventually went to Rhodey, like it did in the Iron Man 2 film. The suit’s color scheme didn’t really have a lasting impression, but it still looked cool!




What do you get when DC and Marvel do a collab of their most patriotic characters? A massive star-spangled, shield-wielding, eagle-holding beast, that’s what! Superman and Captain America merged into Super-Soldier after Clark Kent takes the same serum as Steve Rogers did. With his heightened powers (and patriotism), he went on the fight Hydra and Lex Luthor, like both original characters once did!


Spirit of ’76


William Naslund, AKA Spirit of ’76, embodied the American Revolutionary Era with both his colonial outfit and name. The character went on to take up the mantle of Captain America when Steve Rogers was presumed to be dead at one point, despite not having any of Cap’s superpowers. Although the character ended up dying in combat, he represented an ordinary citizen taking the initiative to protect the ideals of America! Cap would’ve been proud.




Stargirl is another DC character who took on the mantle of the Star-Spangled Kid and is the stepdaughter of Stripesy. She changed her name to Stargirl after being presented the cosmic staff of the superhero Starman. Although Starman’s origins were more spacey than patriotic, Stargirl chose to wield her powers with the ideals of America in mind, and we are glad she did!


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