Celebrate July 4th With These 10 Patriotic Comicbook Heroes!

The most patriotic day of the year is here once again! Since the country declared its independence on July 4, 1776, the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have spread to all aspects of culture. That goes for art in America, as well, and that extends to the art of comicbooks, too. And, yes, there are more heroes than Captain America, although he may be one of our favorites…


So, to celebrate the day the Thirteen Colonies became the United States of America, here are some comicbook heroes that really let freedom ring!


Star-Spangled Kid


The Star-Spangled Kid is a DC character from the 1940s, and like many of his other all-American counterparts, his main foes were the enemies of WW2. Originally named Sylvester Pemberton, this kid-hero had an adult sidekick named Stripesy who wore stripes like the American flag and battled beside him with their skills in acrobatics and fighting. The duo’s lack of actual superpowers may have diminished their popularity against names like Superman, but that doesn’t lessen their desire to rid the world of Nazis and bad guys. America!


Liberty Belle


Liberty Belle is a mantle that was most recently taken up by Jesse Quick, the speedster. The character, who originated in 1942 (right after our pal Captain America), got her superpowers of strength, speed, and stamina from ringing the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. What could be more American than that?


Captain America


Steve Rogers is the quintessential American hero. Come on, his birthday is July 4th! Since the creation of Captain America in 1941, his ideals of truth, righteousness, and freedom have made him the household name we know today. So Happy Birthday, Cap! Today is your day, too.


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